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Bow Lite 3m x 3m 320g Canvas Tent (RRP $1379)
  • Campmor weekender 3a 3m x 3m with one rear window and front awning
  • Canvas tent
  • Carry bag square

Bow Lite 3m x 3m 320g Canvas Tent (RRP $1379)

Introducing Campmor Outdoor Tents - Made in South Africa.

The Bow Lite, also known as the Diamantine Weekender 3A, is the lighter weight version of the Safari Bow, made from 320gsm Polyester Ripstop canvas. It also has a lighter weight simple awning. It is still very durable and will serve your Group for 10-20 years.

The same size as the Safari Bow, a roomy 3m x 3m and a ceiling height of 2.25m it is the big sister of the Hennie and can sleep 4-5 people. Comfortable for 4 giving each person a 75cm x 3m personal space inside the tent and comfortable standing room throughout.

It is made from heavy duty 320gsm (10oz) polyester canvas with a super heavy duty 550gsm waterproof PVC tub floor.

It is the ultimate 4 person Scout Group tent, used by tour companies, eco tourism resorts and remote accommodation. 

It is a large single room canvas dome tent with 3 pole front awning.  3m x 3m sewn in floor, sets up in under 8 minutes, super strong, cool, and sleeps up to 5 people.


  • 3m x 3m x 2.25m high.
  • Solid core 8.3mm spring steel poles.
  • 550g PVC bucket style floor.
  • 320g rip stop poly canvas. Canvas flysheet with awning and 3 upright poles. Rear rip stop shadecloth window with zippered window flap.
  • Rip stop shadecloth D shape front door.
  • Worlds best #10 YKK zippers.
  • No guy ropes required (except for front awning).
  • Set up time 8 minutes.
  • Weight – 22kg canvas bag + 9kg pole bag = 31kg.
  • Sleeps 4-5 people.
  • Pack size – canvas bag 80cm x 40cm x 38cm. Pole bag 120cm x 17cm x 12cm.
  • Suitable for semi permanent and commercial use.


Features and Benefits:

  • Virtually unbreakable solid core spring steel poles – never worry about dealing with a snapped pole again.
  • Durable ripstop polyester canvas – this fabric has been tested for 15 years under the Australian sun. They will go the distance for your Scout Group. 
  • Cooler – the impregnated canvas is not plastic coated so it breathes, allowing condensation and hot air to escape - making it more comfortable on hot nights at Jamboree.
  • Quieter – These tents don’t rattle and shake when the winds pick up. Compare this to a floppy dome tent or pop up tent that rattles all night in the wind.
  • Stronger – Much stronger structure in cross winds, holding their shape firm and stable.
  • Durable – Hands down will last up to 10 years longer in the Australian sun than most other dome tents. A typical nylon or polyester dome tent will start to deteriorate after 50 days in the summer sun.  
  • Super heavy duty 550gsm waterproof PVC bucket floor. 
  • Darker – the thicker canvas will provide a gentler morning sunrise than the thinner polyester/nylon tents which glow brightly at first light. 
  • Stay dry - the canvas is impregnated with waterproofing during manufacture. It is not a coating. It will perform for many years and can easily be re-treated after 5-10 years. Poly/nylon dome tents are coated and once that coating wears off, it cannot be re-applied. Canvas tents are different and can be restored. 
  • Strong rip stop UV resistant shadecloth netting used on the windows and doors.
  • Super Heavy Duty 550g waterproof PVC bucket floor. These floors are as thick as we can stitch and will last the life of the tent.

Whilst you pay alot more up front, consider the total life of the tent for your Group. With propert care, this tent will last for 10 years+. That makes it a great investment for your Group and a great investment for the planet.